Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy Sunday to All!

It's been a beautiful day - lots of sunshine but not too hot, thanks to the cold front that came through Friday evening. It was so clear yesterday and only in the 70's mid-morning - the air had a feeling of fall to it. It was weird, since we've got a fair amount of hot weather yet to come. Warmer today, but still quite pleasant.
After our long drought, we had several rainy days. We're still pretty far behind in annual rainfall and have lower water tables than we should, but we're been very thankful for the rain that has come in the last couple of weeks..
I've enjoyed listening to the katydids, who traditionally tell of the coming of the first frost - the old wives' tales say that the first frost will be 90 days after you first hear the katydids. Well, I heard them a bit early this year, so who knows what will happen! Also the tiny tree frogs really make a lot of music/noise at night about now - some evenings nearly drowning out the insects, owls, and coyotes! (and our Sweet P's, who love to sing in chorus with the coyotes!!!)

I managed to trace some bits and pieces of flowers for another fabric postcard this afternoon - it's just so doggoned tedious!! Wish it were easier. I work on the stitching when we're piled up in bed at night watching tv and relaxing. I've also been on a yo-yo making streak in the evenings when I didn't have any stitchery ready to do - figuring there'll be something to do with them down the road. I've just got a bag of small fabric scraps and some circle templates cut from an old x-ray film by the bed.
Evan's rheumatoid arthritis is really giving him fits the last couple of days and it just hurts me to see him in such pain. And he's got some bulldozer work to finish up, not to mention finishing up with the meter box for the water line for the ballfield sprinkler system at RCA, our church congregation's Christian school. Prayer is what is seeing us through these days.
We have so many blessings, though - just a few of which are each other, living on our farm in the midst of the glories of creation, daughter Beth and her hubby Joshua living nearby, Beth teaching at RCA and excited about it, good friends . . . and on and on.
I hope you all have a wonderful week!!!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Just can't seem to focus. It's hot and dry. Then stormy with hard downpours...we're thankful for any rain but wish it would rain slowly so all water could soak into the ground instead of running off. However - Evan did find a few ears of corn for us today - they're small but still fairly well filled out with juicy kernels thanks to those last 2 bouts of rain. We really enjoyed them. I've played with cutting out pieces for a Crazy Eights quilt and also tracing some embroidery and words for more quilted postcards - AAACCCKKKK! Meant to scan the last two before sending them off via USPS!! Can't believe I forgot. Again. The ones I just sent had designs from Powdermill by Diane Arthurs. The ones I'm working on now are designed by me with free embroidery traced from Needlecrafter designs and then words of my choosing. Hopefully I'll manage to scan one or two of them before mailing.

Found this applique block when I was hunting a needle - I added little beads after doing the blanket stitch. They look kind of cool. Just something fun to play with. Here's another . . .with no beads . . . yet

Sorry they're so wrinkly - they just got lost in a bag of odds and ends.

Blessings of the day:

my beloved husband and daughter and son-in-law


good friends who asked us to go to Huntsville with them to see a local production of Nunsense - a few years ago, OUR theatre group did it, and I was the Reverend Mother and my friend was Sister Mary Hubert. We had a blast!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Just a quickie

Just quickly sticking my head in to say "Hi!" before getting ready for church. I've got my lesson ready (I teach a ladies' class) and only have a couple more things to do. I've been so inspired by the creativity and fabulous work of folks whose blogs I'm reading (how in the world did it take me so long to discover this blogworld so full of lovely people?), I decided to scan a paper pieced block that's to be part of a tablerunner. I haven't put it together yet simply because I can't decide which way I like the cabins facing - I like ALL the designs I can get with them! And the ends are pointed, and I can't decide which way I like them either. Maybe I need to lay them all out on the floor and take some pictures. (and someday rig something for a design wall).

Hope everyone has a wonderful, blessed day.