Saturday, August 9, 2008

Didn't realize it had been so long . . . don't know how in the world time sneaks away like it does! Man, it flies whether you're having fun or not, doncha think?

Let's see - we had the RCA (Riverside Christian Academy) retreat for teachers, staff and Board members, which made it extra special for us - Beth's been teaching there, Evan is teaching there this year (band) and I'm on the Board. We had a great time at Joe Wheeler State Park in north Alabama, which is right on a big TVA lake. This week we had orientation and got to see all the returning students and new students - more excitement.
At work we've survived another end-of-month and the leaving of one of the doctors (she's pregnant again and wanted to move closer to grandparents) and various folks being out with surgery or illness on top of the folks out for vacation.
At home we're working out different schedules and enjoying the pool in the evenings as we can, and - drum roll, please - I have a new sewing machine!!! The Janome 6500! Wasn't what I had in mind but what I got - I'm so excited! And hope to get to learn a little about how to use it this weekend. I've never had a good sewing machine before. After I sew on a few scraps, I hope to do the machine part of putting the binding on this quilt of Beth's.

And more excitement coming up! This is the last year for the big AQS Quilt Expo in Nashville, and we're going! Beth's taking a day off from school on the Friday. She and I will go up and drool on the fabulous quilts and the vendors' wares all day, the boys (Evan and Joshua) will come up Friday night after work and we'll all eat together and stay overnight. Then on Saturday morning, she and I are taking a hand quilting class from Joe Cunningham, buddy of Gwen Marston!!

Gratitudes: all the undeserved blessings we enjoy, surviving difficult situations, being part of the exciting venture of our fledgling Christian school