Saturday, February 28, 2009

rainy days and Saturdays

(inventory of old rake-like shelf in the stairway: tiny metal pitcher from my mother's childhood tea set, cute little dish of unknown (to me, at least) purpose, tiny brass container with lid - probably for pills?, one my grandmother's pretty fans that doesn't at all show up well in this picture, bird's nest, old chalkware rabbit, enamelled metal purse, handmade diary from big dinner and overnight party my grandmother went to as a teenager in 1915, shoes and sock from my mother's girlhood, metal hanger from a craft show, another enamelled purse)Cloudy, rainy, chilly . . . but it's still going to be a great day! Beth and I are heading to Nashville shortly - we have tickets for the matinee of Riverdance!! The production is on its farewell tour, so we wanted to see it one last time. While the basics are the same, each production has some different things, and they're all fantastic! We're going kind of early so we can do some other things. One big item on our agenda is to scope out the course of the marathon she's going to run in April - find the best route to the drop-off point for the runners, various spots to go to be able to cheer them on during the race and best place to park for picking them up after the race. The starting and stopping points are somewhere in the neighborhood of the Titans stadium, and I just haven't navigated down there since it's been there - never having funds for tickets, why would I? It's down on the river and there are lots of little one way streets and suchlike, so we thought it would be good to do some preliminary checking.

Blessings: finally finishing up with W-2's and 1099's and property taxes and such, new during-the-week Bible study started that will be challenging but very good, sweet husband who doesn't care if I go gallivanting for the day instead of cleaning house, beloved daughter to go gallivanting with

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Fairy godmothers and valentines and birthdays

Recently had a great surprise from my fairy godmother in the form of a 40% off coupon at Michael's! I get a newsletter from them via email every couple of weeks, but the only coupons seem to be for custom framing. I found a wonderful book that I wanted to use my gift coupon for, but discovered at checkout that books are excluded. So I reconsidered and decided on this bright and cheery flag to go on my office door instead. I just love Mary Engelbreit stuff and have used this pic from her website as my desktop wallpaper.
A couple of little valentine pillows (including a lavender bag with their stuffing) I fixed for Beth. The redwork heart is one I did who-knows-when and recently found, so I cut some a bit of a red print to frame and back it. The other little heart is one from a recently purchased Bare Roots pattern (I left out the "Be Mine"from the inner heart). I really like it and it worked up so quickly I see several of these in my future...!
This lovely little quilt was a surprise birthday gift from my talented sister-in-law. She just sat down and drew a little house on her computer, printed it out and cut out the fabric! She was going to put "The Hudson House" on the porch roof but ran out of time - I may do it. You can't tell, but the sky fabric has tiny sparkles scattered over it. Each fabric is just perfect for where she used it, including the one with flowers just the right size for the pot in front!
This last little goody is a pillow (complete with tiny pearl button on one of the back flaps) that I got for 50 cents at a thrift shop in Huntsville. It is hand pieced. The fabrics have clearly seen a lot of wear and tear and washing and hanging in the sun (very faded). But I just love it!! There are a few missing squares, but it's just so neat that I know I won't be able to cut into it!

Blessings and gratitudes: loving family and friends
these springlike days to keep us going through the last of winter
knowing Who is in charge and taking care of us