Thursday, August 19, 2010

The "realities of heaven"

I love this phrase from the NLT version of Colossians! Also..."let heaven fill your thoughts"...and "your real life is hidden with Christ in God". Powerful stuff here. These go along with John Eldredge's Epic, The Story God is Telling. God put eternity in our hearts, after all. We are just pilgrims. Aliens. Sojourners. I love the commercial for the cruise line where the passengers are treated like celebrities and after the cruise one guy adjusts the blinds in his office (for himself instead of having it done for him as on the cruise) and says, "I look at this as a temporary exile." Well, that's it. We're here temporarily as exiles. This is a foreign land and not our real home.

These are a few of the quilted postcards I've made...embroidery done by hand and small bit of quilting done by machine. These have enough time invested in them that they are for very special folks.

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Screen Door said...

Completely outstanding seeing you post. Those postcards will definitely make a difference in someone's life. You sent one to me when I needed it most. Hope your summer has been great. Love your scriptures.